Id like more opinions to my crazy situation. Please? Anyone?

Here I go again and I hope you don't judge me for obsessing over this:

2 weeks ago, this guy flew from
England to LA to see me and spend time with me for 11 days- we had an amazing time, AMAZING.

4 days ago our fun came to an end and he was on the airport catching his flights back home. I noticed a shift in his tone of voice, he seemed distant but he was still talking to me and updating me what he is up to and where he's at at that moment. When he finally landed home, he messaged me and tells me he is missing me and that he is now back where it all started between us.

I finally asked him what we will do with our situation. Are we even together, do we see other people?

His response was "I don't know what to say, I say we should meet again even as just friends"
Bothered, I confronted him again, I told him that these 11 days has been so amazing and I really liked him and I know this distance is really tough but where does he see this is going for us?

He finally says "I got attached to you and as the days were coming near, I was sad that we are gonna be apart. I really like you but the distance bothers me a lot."

I was so hurt that I suggested we cut it off to save us the heartache. He says he respects my decision. He then went on by saying that maybe down the road we will cross paths again, he wished me well, and apologized for the heartache.

I was hearing none of it, and immediately deleted him from my Facebook. The last message which I didn't get to fully read was somewhere along the lines of "thank you again so much for..."

I have been thinking about him non stop and want him so bad. Will he reach out to me again? Do you guys think he misses me as much as I miss him terribly? I'm really hurting by all of this.

People tell me that I'm the one that ended it. I really don't think so. He's the one that didn't want to work the distance and his response when I asked him where we stand was "I don't know what to say"


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  • I know your pain and I'm sorry you are going through this. However, as the voice of experience, long distance relationships rarely, if ever, work out. Granted, there are exceptions to the rule, but this is reality. I know you are hurt. It sounds as if he's hurt, too. Obvious he has a crush on you, but reality has set in. My advice is not to be rash or harsh. Do your best to maintain your friendship with him. He needs as much support as you do. Good luck to you both..

    • Thank you so much. I have been thinking of reaching out to him. The thing is I was so hasty that I deleted him and now I'm so embarrassed to reach out to him.

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    • Well, I just messaged him and let it all out finally. Now I'll just have to wait and see if he responds or what he says

    • I'm wishing you the best.

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  • It doesn't seem confusing to me...

    He misses you, but he doesn't know how to deal with the distance. You basically gave him an ultimatum, either you settle in for a LDR or let's not talk anymore. Which, i can kinda understand. I would say you both ended it. He wanted to keep in touch with some hope that something would come up in the future, but you don't want to always be wondering "what, when, how?". Some situations just can't be resolved darling. I can't say that i blame him either. THat's a tough situation no matter how you slice it. But rest assured that he;s feeling a little hurt from it all. I believe he was telling you exctly how he felt, that he got attached to you, was regretful that he had to go back etc.

    • Thank you, I am
      Actually about to message him. I'm so embarrassed that I deleted him hastily but I wanna express that I was just really hurt it by it all

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  • it sounds like he was afraid of this type of relationship. but... yea, i think he was not sure how much he likes you and decided he wants to end things faster so he protects your feelings and takes care of you :) but you obviously made a mistake deleting him because you cut off any chances he will do anything about you. sometimes you gotta think what your role models would do. :) if say you were an older woman with a lot of experience what would you do to be correct and honest about this situation? sometimes you just gotta show the others you are the mature person from the two of you so they can apreciate you and look up to you. and most of the time, when you give this to the others, you recieve the most you wanted from them :)

  • The distance is too much.

    • And?

    • So I should just move on and don't even bother messaging

    • Basically. It's just too far. If you guys were jet setters, that'd be one thing, but otherwise it just doesn't work.

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