When men notice you and mudane stuff? Do they care?

I was telling my friend about how my tire was messed up (actually they all are but I was telling her about a particular one). And my ex was near by. He interrupted me to tell me how all 4 tires are bad. Every time I would tell him more details he'd be like "Yea I know" then elaborate on it. Why is my ex very detailed about my world? I looked very shock every time he'd tell me something additional. I'd never thought in a million years he'd every pay any mind to me or my belongings, etc. Is this a sign that he still cares? I'd never look at a colleagues or friends car cuz Id careless.


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  • Still cares about you?
    Probably not, this is a car we are talking about.
    I would point out someones tires (bald, winter tires in summer, ect) just as much as a hot women walking down the street.

  • Perhaps he is concerned over your safety by driving on bad tires. Or he works at a tire shop and sees you as a potential customer.


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