I don't wanna move on... or I just... can't?

I met this girl in my freshman year of high school... liked her almost instantly. A month or two after I met her but she was always with someone else and stuff... well now that high school is in my past and I'm in college, I have already tried pursuing her. failed :(

some things happened and I cut contact. I just can't handle talking to her if things can't be different. I swear I love her, but never got my chance to date her or be with her... but its been a while since rejection and I just don't wanna move on from this. I want her so bad. and its like I can't even really get ahold of her anymore. And just these weird things have always happened in my life regarding her and I just wonder if somehow she's the girl...

It keeps me on her, stuck... I thinks she's the perfect girl. I don't know what to do... its like my hearts too big to just let go and love someone else. I don't want anyone else :'(


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  • Oh dude...

    You sounds like me from about 10 years before. And that is not good. So I'm going to help you.

    Look, first, you need to learn to respect you and your time. NEVER spend too much energy or time on one girl. If you do, if you always call first, doing everything for her and other sh**, she will look at you like you are joke. And you don't want.

    See, girls never can be on the first place in your life. Maybe on the third or fourth. Let your life have some purpose, some directions, do something great and girls is going to coming to you. That is the way how things works. Build your personality, your body, your social circle and live life like you deserve, like a try king!

    Good luck.

    P.S. My little secret to life success link


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  • Your only stuck on this girl because your probably bad with girls in general, agreed? If you could sleep with 10 other girls ten times hotter than her would you still remember who she is.

    • Yeah... well she was the most beautiful girl to me. I just the person I am, I would NEVER sleep around with girls like you describe. I'm a one-woman type... a guy to wait for love. I thought she was special... :(

    • That's a very bad idea, it just looks like you watched one too many love movies and have the wrong idea of the world. It's just not the way things work, get ready to feel like crap, a lot, and be taken advantage of

  • Ive been in a simlar situation but it was all high school and I let her go..wasn't worth the heartache, although she still teases me by being at the same college.. Let me tell you this, the one the right girl for you (if you truly believe in that stuff) will return the love you give to her...it sounds like you will do anything for this girl and props to you but its with the wrong girl. Learn from it and don't dwindle because while you are waiting on something that isn't going to happen, you might be missing the right girl...also I know its easier said than done, as I am still working to push my girl out of life, but if you put enough willpower and effort into it, you can move on, and find your girl. best of luck

    • I just look at her and know tho man... I just. can't even tell you how I've felt looking at her and getting to know her the way I did... I couldn't feel this for any other girl and it scares me to think she isn't the girl for me, because finding another like her... seems totally impossible :'(

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