Should you be optimistic after a break up?

We ended things because he isn't ready for a relationship (we only dated for a short while of 2-3months). His last relationship was 5 years long (and he had dumped her about 5-7 months before we got together). He says he still has feelings for me and all that stuff. Should I hope for a second chance when he is ready to have a relationship and be all optimistic? Or just move on?


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  • Move on. It's the best you can do for yourself. Whether or not he does believe he's ready for a relationship (people often say that even though they don't mean it. It's one of those 'cliche excuses' sadly) is besides the point. Your happiness is what you have to focus on, and a guy that doesn't know what he wants isn't going to make that happen. A guy that truly cares for you would never let you go.

  • I would say move on...he either wants a relationship and really likes you or he doesnt..and no one deserves to be messed around. Move on and hold your head high!


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