Does skin color really matter?

that's me in the photo.

so this girl who i had my eye for a while since 2015, decides to go out with the whittest Hispanic. And she's also on pretty pale as well.

as for me I'm brown... And seeing the guy just makes me so depressed and jealous to the point where I can't sleep at night. does skin color really matter????
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  • I doubt his skin colour is what made her pick him


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  • Generally skin color is not matters. No.
    1. People choose their partners by skin and race sometimes, there is a load of examples.
    2. In many cases, this is how they feel, this is not something they pick, this is how it's been ignited out of their feelings.

    However, this incident and how some people set up their principles should not depress you, you are good in your own skin, and even if skin be matters, you will find someone who loves brown skin. As simple as that. So be comfortable and embrace who you are. The right person will arrive one way or another.


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  • It shouldn't matter.


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