Ex Male Friend has a New Pretty Girlfriend but keeps contacting and lashing out at my friends about me. Why can't he just focus on his new girlfriend?

I have an ex-male friend at college who became too much trouble for me, such as taking up too much of my time, dragging me into his trouble, getting too bossy with me etc. I was fine parting ways. Life got better after he was gone. A relief. He had agreed to leave me alone but didn't really. He basically silently stalked me on Facebook, I ignored him. He blocked me after about a month.

By accident, I discovered his new girlfriend, who is a mutual friend, she posted a photo of them calling it "date night with bae". He updated his profile saying he's "in a relationship". Both appear happy in photos. She updated her profile photo of him kissing her on the cheek. I am surprised by how quickly and overly public this seems. I figure I am out of the picture he's happy.

What I found odd is that recently he then contacted my female friends saying untrue things about me and our former friendship. Telling one friend we were "more than friends" (not true) and calling my other female friend to yell at her blaming her for being the cause of our friendship ending (not true).

A week later I decided to make things clear to my Facebook friends by posting publically that I was happy that my ex friend found someone special. I wrote a private message to his girlfriend (mutual friend) that I thought they were a beautiful couple and wished them well and happy holidays.

I got no reply (not even a simple thank you) and she blocked me on Facebook too. The next day she changed her FB profile photo to just her alone. I have no idea what's going on.

I keep thinking if these two are dating and "showing" how happy they are, why are they acting "mad" and hostile toward me after supporting their relationship publically.


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  • Because he's trying to make you jealous


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  • They are being overly assuming that people are annoyed by them since you gave them so much attention. She seems pretty stuck up, so you never know


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