Is marriage finally becoming obsolete?


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  • marriage has been on the decline for ages, ever since people realized that they don't need a piece of paper to prove that they love their partners.

    until i met my current boyfriend, i had no intention of ever being married. but he wanted to, and he's changed my mind about it.

    there are a few things to consider:

    -marriage (and success rates) are higher among educated people who marry older; where i live, the average age for a first marriage is 30-31, for both men and women.

    -belief in religion has decreased among younger people, meaning that they likely don't see the same value in the institution that their parents did.

    -the internet has granted us access to more people, and subsequently turned us into commitmentphobic assholes who are too afraid of missing out to commit.

    -the 24-hour marketplace means that people are working longer hours than ever and have less time to devote to finding and nurturing romantic relationships.

    -that, and the cost of marriage has gotten so high that many couples go into debt to afford it... the cost of the average wedding is $45,000, and 45% of couples blow their budget.

    that said, mine will be a simple wedding with just family and a few close friends. i'm not religious and we aren't having kids, so it's basically just a formal declaration of our commitment to each other.


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  • MGTOW has become 3 times as popular in the past month. Men are slowly but surely waking up to their oppression and 2nd class status... and of course, the nature of women


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  • Yes it seems to be. My colleagues and I were discussing this the other day. It's rare you here of people marrying how.


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  • i wouldn't say obsolete. It simply isn't something people need for sex anymore

  • No, not obsolete. The commitment marriage represents results in stronger families with much higher rates of success in terms of staying together and producing healthy, well adjusted children.

    But obsolete is very different from unpopular. Men are increasingly steering away from marriage (for obvious reasons) while at the same time women are more interested in marrying now than they have been in many years.


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