I want to improve our relationship as friends for now and give space but how can I when we work together? why does he give mix signals?

We met at work this September, we had a strong chemistry since we met that in October after our 1st date we kissed and we're officially together. The next week we went out again had fun. Only problem was we were long distance so we barely got to see each other in person and when we would it would be at work but we can't act the same since dating isn't allowed there. In November he asked me "how do I make you happy when I don't have time for anything barely for myself it's best we just be friends till I move to same city it will be the same just no label till I can put time in our relationship just trust me on this please don't make this harder than it is" I said I want to stay with you no matter what he said "you could if you would just let me do things the way I'm saying it has to be like this till I move which is not long trust me" we both agreed as friends he said might move 3months. Been 1 month after breakup but he's been giving mixed signals sometimes he says hi first other times I say hi first he says hi back some days with a smile while other days serious. My coworker says he stares at me in good way but when I look he looks away (I do the same to him). he's been acting different at work he gives everyone attention but me and I noticed when I'm near him he breathes out of his mouth as if stressed or wants to talk. Sometimes I feel like he avoids me. When I talked to him about work at work he was listening and talked back both making eye contact but he had a serious look


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  • he is coping with the dynamic, but by continuing to have feelings for him OR talking about him with others, who probably tell him your just making the transition harder. you need to let time pass without making excuses to communicate with him and it will get easier for both

  • He confuessed about your releationships, and he run away from you and your releationships


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  • I just have to say that the majority of the time, that when a guy gives you mixed signals, it indicates that he is not interested. OF COURSE, there are EXECEPTIONS to this rule.

    • I just don't get if he said he wants to be friends until he moves and " it will be the same" why does he act different some days it's confusing

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