Why did she put in the effort?

My ex loved me to death. Worshipped the ground I walked on. I never felt the way she made me feel. But was so smothered pushed her away. She cried daily not understanding towards the end begging for anything saying I was gonna lose her. I said good. totally broke her heart. I was so numb from not being able to breathe. She offered to buy the ring begged me to marry her. Asked if I was getting her a ring for anniversary I said no after 3 years. We broke up. She started going out every night. I realized I messed up begged pleaded devastated etc still went out. I had to evict her and 90 days was out. Her and her kids moved in with the dude. We never stopped talking even an insult every few days for a reaction. She said she regretted it wanted to fix everything was great for few weeks didn't have a boyfriend. i said I was gonna ask him she flipped. Went on like this for months. 3 weeks ago same thing making me cute stuff found online cards etc. I've heard it's always been me but she's sick of getting hurt a million times. He was to have moved out. She's planning stuff over every night Thur told her my ex didn't want her around my boys she was so hurt as she wanted to come over. Fri I had plans she was upset I didn't invite her. Noticed texts were distant. Midnight get text from him asking why I am texting her.
Sat she texts me a book how upset she is. I saw his text she said he came to get stuff etc. I flipped sent him texts her saying I am the love of her life glad he's gone etc. It was uncomfortable. Offered him pics of us, f**k videos. She got pissed at me and blocked me. He's still with her now dont know how talked her way out. I emailed 3x blocked then on email. Called her work phone she hung up. Told her to return and pick up her stuff. She Never picked it up. Been NC a week.

Why do I care?
Still carries pick of me as a kid in her wallet. Never covered up my name on her wrist. Her only tattoo
Why put in all the effort if she just wanted to f**k and no confusion.


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  • First of all, you gotta work on your grammar. Write with proper English for the love of god when you are asking a question here in Gag. I had to decipher almost each sentence you wrote and spent like 15 min trying to understand everything you wrote. If you want people to reply to your Questions then please write with proper English, don't shortcut words and sentences.

    Anyway, from what i understand, You broke her heart many times. From a girl's point of view, when a guy breaks her heart... thats a BIG deal. She LOVED you with all her heart, and you still were mean to her. Have you ever fell in love with someone before? How would you feel if that someone who you LOVED so much was so mean to you and didn't care about you at all? That's what she felt and even more cause with girls it's DOUBLE the pain that we have.

    It seems like she likes both of you now, she likes the other dude and likes you as well but doesn't know who to pick. She probably isn't picking you because she is terrified you will break her heart again and she won't be able to deal with that heart breaking a 2nd time. The reason she blocked you is because you made her life x10 more difficult when you argued with the other guy and sent him the nude vids. She is probably very pissed at you. Don't know if there is a returning point from there. But you, you gotta make up your mind if you really want to be with her or not.

    If you really really want her, and don't wanna break her heart anymore. Go try to offer her a ring to marry her as a proof. Show her that you are willing to spend your life with her. That's the most honest proof you can give. If you did that and she still didn't accept, then i guess it's over and is time to move on.

    Good luck

    • Sorry had to cut down from 5k characters.

      She's always begged me hoping to see this wonderful guy I always promised. It was amazing and she would say she didn't have a boyfriend he's a roommate. I said I'll ask him she flipped. Went on like this for months until this last effort which ended with her picking him again. We couldn't go hours let alone 7 days with NC which it is now.

      Why text me a book Saturday upset wanting me to show her she comes first and I won't let my ex get in the way again if he's there.

      She took something of my sons home to wash and make nice for him. After she blocked I emailed said return it and I'll put your stuff on porch. Please swap or your stuff will go in trash. She read it but never picked up or returned his stuff. I called her work upset one day said can't live without you. She hung up.
      Why not say " don't ever call me again ". Why not pick stuff up because that would be to final? Just being passive aggressive.

      Why do I care?

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    • Thanks man. Appreciate it. Merry Christmas.

    • you too good luk

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