Missing codoms?

Hello, am married and we have one daughter, of recent I brought a maid at our home to look after our baby. she seems to be oke and doing her job well.
But yesterday I checked our codom box and I noticed two codoms were missing.
I asked the maid if she had tempered with the box and she said no.
So I asked my guy about it he also said no and he seemed very pissed when I continued asking saying he is tired of me, the mistrust I have in him and over judging him.
Seriously I can't tell how the codoms disappeared and its really eating me up
What should I do?


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  • Sorry but it was your man, and how lame of you counting condoms no wonder he's tired of you , you sound like a jealous insecure and horrible person good luck you'll need it


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  • The only two plausible situations are your maid is having some fun with somebody while you and your husband are gone or your husband is having an affair. Unless there's something else I'm not seeing.

  • Condom counting lmao. You get suspicious when you start detective work. It could literally be anything or nothing.

  • is ur daughter at the age to start having sex. if so then that probably where they went.

  • I don't want to says he's cheating, but he probably is. Sorry.😔

  • get a hidden nanny cam for your house and put it in the bedroom.


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