What does it mean if your EX does this? (please help)

my ex today wrote on my pants leg "PROPERTY OF *his name*"

...he keeps calling me a whore because he says I go off with guys I told him they were my friends he said they aren't just friends..i said nothing ever happens between us he called me a liar...he keeps making sexual remarks towards me. And flirts constantly. but, whenever I talk about a guy he calls me a whore or makes fun of them...recently he made fun of my ex jose and asked what did I ever see in him and pointed to the dude in our book and said it was him I said thanks now every time I see him I will see that! he laughed and got seductive looking and said "your mean...i like it" then he started to flirt..then he'd insult me. Is he jealous?does he want me to only think of him? but the question I really want answered is what does it mean when a guy writes your his property on your pants leg?


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  • It means that he is advertising you as his. At the same time, he seems to be very insecure and gains confidence by putting other people down. Plus, whether he likes you or not, he apparently shows no respect for you as a woman. A guy has no right to call a woman a whore. That's disrespectful and as a young lady, you shouldn't allow that.

    • Thanks for your answer. it makes me feel good to hear "That's disrespectful and as a young lady, you shouldn't allow that." it kinda makes me feel like someone's sticking up for me :) I would tell my friends but I'm embarrassed about it :l when I was talking to my friends Delton & alaina he rammed into my shoulder & called me a whore really loud..they both heard it and it p*ssed them off,i played it off like it was a joke . I just am really embarrassed about it & can't get around to tell them.

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    • OKAY! THank you! :) from now on I will try to be stronger against him and, not let him get the best of me! Thank you sooo much.

    • Couldn't have said it better my friend =)

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