Completely broken hearted... guy is "done" because of all the drama?

I've been casually seeing a guy for the last year. We've had our share of arguments, that we've both contributed to. Admittedly, I have been a bit over dramatic. I truly see the error of my ways & know that things can be different. Last night he was highly pissed off from our latest argument & said that he was "done. Completely ". Anything I said fell on deaf ears cause he was upset. I'm hoping after things calm down, he'll reconsider but he's so stubborn!! I'm completely heart broken. How do I show someone that's "done" that I'm not a drama queen & that things don't have to be the same? What do I do? Don't say move on lol. Not an option right now, I really care about this guy.


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  • If you really care about this guy, you would not have been seeing him "casually"
    He is not being stubborn if you were in error of your ways.

    It's up to him to see if he wants to spend time with a drama queen.


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  • You've had a year... it's too late now


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