If a guy tells you that you crossed a line (because he feels like you lied to him), is the relationship over?

I only wanted the best for him but he got really mad saying that I crossed the line. Does this mean he never wants to talk to me again? We were dating by the way.


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  • If you have been dating for a short while - then yes.

    In my books, if a girl crosses my line, she's out. Especially as I age and the number of options I have increases. I make sure to let her know why/how so that she's more "learned" for the next guy. Lying (and not little lies) is a BIG NO NO for me and any guy who has standards.

    If it's been a while - then maybe he just needs a break to think things over.


    • I only lied to him so he'd spend time with his family and not with me during the holidays, like self sacrifice basically. I know that he only has one family member left so I felt like it was important for him to focus on that rather than me. Is that such a bad thing to do?

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    • Just give him some space to think about things. The worst thing you can do is keep badgering him while he is pissed off - trust me :)

      Merry Christmas!

    • Well it looks like he has already blocked me anyway so I'll give him all the space he needs!

      Thank you, merry Christmas to you too! :)

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  • No, it means you did something that hurt or angered him. If he hasn't told you not to contact him or to leave him alone then I would try to make amends


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  • It doesn't mean that he'll never talk to you again but it might be a good idea to apologize and explain your reasoning and your intentions.

    • I've tried and I've tried but he does not want to listen. I'm just hopeless at this point..

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  • not over but it's not going well


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