Girls, Unsure if I should pursue her or not?

Ok so a woman who works in a grocery store that I go in. I went to her checkout as I goin every weekend after the gym. I noticed how she started telling me her whole plans for the night without me asking. So I though nothing of it as she could just be lonely/bored. So then she was saying she's Gina but clothes online and not go out. So I seen her again stocking shelves on her own. As I walked past she kept looking me up and down and then smiling. So I smiled back. None of the others do this so I left it maybe she's just a really friendly person. So I got talking to another girl who works there and asked who she was etc. Then said I'd ask myself next time I'm in :) . So then I walked in a week later. And they was both looking at me the one who I like looked kind of shy etc looking back and forth and the other who I talking to previously asking who she is smiling in a naughty way. So I didn't bother with them as I was busy. I'm guessing she told her I'm going to ask her name n that she's hot etc. So week after I went in again and I noticed she keeps glancing so I went to her checkout and got talking again. she kept dropping all of my food acting clumsy She was going on a night out and was saying how little time she has to get ready and I asked if she lived far because I know it takes a long time to get home n back into town. (Just a convo starter) she automatically assumed I was asking if she wanted a lift home LOL. And said I have a family member waiting out now lol. So i walked out n she was as well and we continued talking untill I said have a good night n she was like bye as well etc. So on Christmas Eve I went after town to get last minute food. And she again kept glancing or if I walked past she would like at me in a deep thinking look. So I didn't go to her checkout and I looked at her a few times and she didn't look at me back only wen I walked off. Although she was working hard etc.
c. We're both young not that experienced. But my basic confusion is she interested or just extremely friendly because she pays a lot of attention to me but on the other hand sometimes doesn't even look at me or make eye contact. Or just quickly looking into MTV eyes n then away. Is she playing hard to get?


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  • how to update a question. sorry to ask that.

    it's better to ask her out what she feels than to have endless possibilities. you can just ask her out for a tea and if she comes talk to her there, clear out the doubts. because honestly learning out doubts at a check out place feels weird.

    She can also be in muscular men (if you are muscular/with abs) so she may want to try out how it feels to be close to one.

    in any conditions you never know

    • Sorry the update was kind of rubbish lol. Yeah I am of the muscular kind. She is into that. As for trying to suss her out at her check out is rather weird but what can you do lol if I flirt it could make it awkward for her as she may think she's doing her job. But then I suppose most girls in shop always flirt with me because the majority are studying for better jobs lol

  • it seems to me like she is interested maybe because she isn't certain of how you may feel towards her (because you are unsure of her intentions) she isn't fully giving it her all- if you are interested then i think you should pursue her 😊

    • I know but it's hard because she work there she could just think she's doing her job , on the other hand none of the others do the same and she doesn't do it to all. It's just this looking me up n down , always talking to me about personal stuff , glancing at me. I do admit that at a few times it does seem like she's looking at me trying to figure me out lol

    • i get what you mean but maybe take a risk and just try it - the outcome could be a pleasant one

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