My ex girlfriend is giving me such a hard time... I would like her back?

My ex and me see each other at gym classes. We broke up a year ago. In that year she and I have done some childish things. I did beg her back the first few months, then ignored her. She would look for my
attention but remain angry, rude and cold. Recently I asked her if we could clear things up. She agreed but to do it slowly. I said hello to her at gym, she remains cold and rude. After a month of this I tried to say hi to her in class, she was very cold as I approached. So I pulled back. She did for the first time join the class early, and she did see me looking at her in class. After class I was at door she stood near me turned and said goodbye to the instructor she did not know but ignored me. Next day she was back at class with her freind and she was walked right in front of me to look at her self in the mirror. I still remained distant (she has a serious temper, she has blocked me in Whatsaap she is very sensitive). She walked out of class early and seemed angry. Then yesterday I saw her on the treadmill outside the class we used to do, I walked passed. She was on treadmill 10 mins then left the gym on her cellphone typing. Please can I ask this advice. Did I do the right thing to move away when she remained angry. What do you think she is doing, why always angry is she just interested in attention. How do I slowly work to improve situation must I go say hello to her again, and take the coldness? Do girls sometimes expect guys to "work" to get them back? Thanks so much!


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