Girls. Is she done?

My ex and I broke up about 7 months ago. I broke her heart more than once until she finally moved on. She met someone right away and moved in with him. We would always keep in touch every few days with even an insult to get a reaction.
Around the end of August we really started rehashing our relationship and tried fixing things. We were sleeping together and kinda functioning as a couple even though she was there. I couldn't let her move back. I knew she was lying about the situation there. She kept saying just be nice show me this wonderful guy etc. was kinda hard under circumstances. It fell apart because of him but we still talked and fought everyday. We tried again recently planning stuff for Christmas It was great for a few weeks until I was under the impression he moved out and then see his car. He texted me asking why I was texting her. I flipped sent him pics offered videos screen shots of our texts etc. I now regret how I handled it. she got pissed and blocked me. Been 9 days. NEVER could go this long.


*I emailed told her to pick her stuff up or going in trash she never did. She still has stuff of mine she recently took won't return. Why? Then would make it to final?
*Called her at work she hung up on me. Wouldn't you say don't ever contact me again if final? Almost passive aggressive.
If gonna go back to him why still carry a pic of me as a kid in her wallet, have our pics up on her desk and never cover up her one and only tattoo of my name.

Was she honestly always hoping to see this wonderful guy who wouldn't hurt her again or playing me? Kinda feel manipulated like this is my fault.


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  • The whole situation is messed up. You aren't good for each other, you are both manipulative and dishonest, there's no respect, so just leave each other.


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