Why did he break it off?

me and my boyfriend were going out for a month and a half and in that period he was caring, loving and everything a boyfriend could be. He even got me presents and was planning mini vacations together. However after our second physical night together he told me things were getting too serious too quickly but it doesn't make sense since he was the one showeringr me with gifts and planning vacations? Like surely he's the one moving at a faster rate than I was? Can someone please help me underdtand why guys would do that? Was he not into me from the start? But if not then why the compliments and all (and no He wasn't interested in getting me laid since I've known him for a while m he's not the type to do that ) I'm so confused rn!


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  • After the second time you had sex? He probably thought you lacked physical chemistry and that's something important to him, so he ended it. He might have liked you enough otherwise but decided he didn't want it to go any further when he didn't feel that was right for him.

  • OMFG I can not stand when a guy does this. They will rush things and say they want to be together, and then a few days later they will say they we are moving to fast. No... YOU are the moving to fast not me. Its very annoying when that happens. All you do is agree that he is the one moving to fast and let things fall in place. But do not be pushy and beg him to be with you. This is what he wants you to do. Be pushy and show me all the attention and chase after hi. DO NOT DO IT. You want to see if his actions are consistent

    • But if he's ended it why does he still expect me to chase him? Surely anyone would just let it be and move it on?

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