My boyfriend keeps flirting with girls and he cheated on me but I'm still with him.

i am a good christian girl I have been with my boyfriend for one year. I know that he flirts with other girls and he even cheated on me with a married woman who was older than him and she had a kid.

when I found out about the woman I called her and she denied that they had sex but I don't know if I can believe that and even when I told her to stop calling him I found out that they spoke again.

i am a good girl go to church and I love my boyfriend but what do I do. he wants to have dirty sex and call me a bitch when we have sex but I don't feel comfortable with that.

why does he feel like he has to cheat on me, I'm the best thing he ever had


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  • This guy doesn't sound like he is ready for a relationship , he looks happy to still play the field and if you carry on dating him you are going to end up getting hurt , as for the dirty sex as you call it , sex of any form is only good if both parties actually enjoy it you should not be doing anything you are not comfortable with , I think you need to be firm and say if you catch him ever again that is it and then you must stick to your guns and move on but t may be worth speaking with him and ask him does he feel he can be a one woman guy, he sounds like a bit too much for a girl like you to handle and perhaps you may be wise to move on


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  • wel it seems like he just wants IT i.e. SEX. that's my opinion just to be blunt

  • Hi there

    girl one thing for sure get this straight that if he calls you names that's not good

    no one can call you names how dare he dose that to you

    POINT to Be NOTED:

    1. Never let anyone call you names

    2.Never let anyone take better of u

    3.U are a girl and very pretty one and a good girlfriend and single

    4.How he can cheat on you for any girl and don't forget she has a child

    5. You have low self-esteem

    6. You don't respect you self

    WHAT You SHOULD do:

    1. Never I mean never let any one call you name not ever best friend

    2. That boyfriend leave him

    3. ITS not good sing if you are boyfriend bits you up and calls you names

    4. Get another boyfriend met lot of boys date them and choose you are boyfriend who respect you

    5. You need to be told hi gorges or hi honey or you are so beautiful I cantnot take my eyes of you

    6. Look for those thing in you are new boyfriend

    • He doesn't call me a bitch all the time he calls me a bitch while were having sex and I get real upset and he gets kinda annoyed he says it turns him on to call me a bitch while were having sex, I don't know what to do

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