Login into ex-bf facebook messenger and confronted him?

I brokeup with my ex-bf since July due to personal issue. However, we do still love each other, after awhile, we stay in contact and still go out together like usual without any status. We have quarrels and he will sae dont want us to be like this anymore which leads to no where. Till then, Friday it happened again, he dont want us to be like this anymore after a quarrel and he ignored my text, but sometime will text me. He said "he will try to ignore me and text nomally when both cool down and move on." Until yesterday we contact but he still nv reply me. Till I login to his facebook messenger, and found out that he was actually talking to his guy friends about plan for the night. Saying thing like going club and find girls or go hotel to drink and find girls to sex with. So i confronted him, he said it is just guy talks and won't happen and he mentioned before he always talk to his friends in such manner. However, i did not said i login to his account, in fact i told him my friend hacked into his acc and showed me those text. But he dun care, he said is scary to have his privacy infringed. and he said before i am officially of his life, he is going to delete our conversations, photos and memories. so he blocked me in whatapps. After awhile he unblocked me and ask who is the friend and he wan to whack the friend. I did not say who as there is no one. and i apologised to him. he sae apologise is too cheap and there is no sorry in his world anymore. And he blocked me in whatapps again. He mentioned before, even if he go club he won't care about the girls and also he dun have sex with any girls as he is afraid of getting diseases.

Now that he has blocked me in whatapps and i felt he is real angry and serious about it for me to disappear in his life. What should i do? Do you tink he will unblock me again?

What should i do? i am feeling lost and pain..

Please help.. Thank you..


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  • I mean you broke up with him..: it's not your business anymore. He owes you nothing.

    I'm sorry it hurts, I know it does. But you can't dictate what he does anymore

    • yes i do know we broke up. But till last fri, we are still in dating term.. well it is complicated but we still act like one couple.. that why it impacted me a lot.

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    • This shows you are in love with yr boyfriend... But problems lie with yr boyfriend.. How long more he will be done studying?

      Will it be better if we can private text? But i need to have xber 2 den i am able to message? any way that i can contact u?

    • Just sent a message! Hope you get it

  • Disappear from his life. You have problems with respecting ones personal space. hopefully you'll learn from this for the next boyfriend you get.


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