How do I stop caring about someone?

Im so infatuated with this guy. I'm constantly thinking about him and I'm cautious about what I say to him because I want him to feel safe (he's insecure). I don't know if my feelings are being reciprocated, sometimes he makes me feel like he cares for me and sometimes it's like yeah okay you exist.

I've tried ignoring him but he always starts up a
conversation or texts me until I answer him.

I've blocked him on social media but added him back

I can't say how I feel either



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  • The beautiful thing about our emotions is that it doesn't start caring or loving a person about in a day and similarly end it at our will.
    This is what makes any relationship valuable and reliable.

    So let me be honest that you won't stop thinking about that person so easily.
    One day, if anything doesn't workout with you both then your level of maturity will decide how long will it take to move on.

    Be wise, talk straight about your feeling with that guy. Initially you wil feel awkward and uncomfortable but you will find that whatever has been done or said was for betterment of both.
    Come out of this emotional euphoria and spill out the beans.

    • If he doesn't feel the same it's going to be awful

    • I know dear. But in the end, you will feel the freedom because if you express yourself irrespective of consequences, that guy will at least know and discover that there was a girl who talked how she loved so much.
      If you keep it to your self thinking that it may not work and it's better to keep it to yourself to preserve the current status of relationship, then it will keep bothering you for long time and start eating you within.
      Whether positive result ir negative result ... let the other person know what you are thinking. There is nothing to lose believe me.

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