Did I mess everything up with my ex girlfriend?

We was in love and then we broke up over this girl plus her friends who I have had relationships with be in her ear saying leave me or the word don't let him hurt you they was jealous I was being there and know guy was being there for them this break-up ws in February but just yesterday I said was talking about us she going to say there is no us and I was kinda mad well I was p*ssed and I said to her You was just in lust and not in love and that you just wanted to f*** me and I don't appreciate that sh*t and that risked doing it with her and that I only did it raw with you because I loved you then she texted me back saying: I can't believe you said that Jon and to lose her f***ing number number for real to not text or call her no more and get over her..so I got mad because she said she loved me and I loved her and she going to be dumb and let her friends tell her what to do and she follow them to like dummy I used to go with yo friends they don't want you happy but I had start sending messages and then I sent her 2 voice mails speaking my mind to her and then went to have sex with a girl but now I'm miss my ex all over again because I was discussing to my ex with the girl I had sex with after I argued with my ex but I miss my ex now what to do?!i need help I feel I messed up big time..


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  • Yes, you did.


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