Stay friends with an ex or cut ties completely?

Recently my boyfriend and I of a year and six months decided to break up. Long story short we ended up getting into a fight about me venting to a mutual friend about how my boyfriend was accusing me of cheating when I was getting gut feelings that he was the one doing it and anyway that mutual friend ended up saving the conversation and showing my boyfriend so we got into a fight and he didn't talk to me for three days and on the third day I get a message from his ex girlfriend best friends soon to be ex husband saying that my boyfriend had sex with his ex. So I talked to her and she told me that she didn't know that we were still together and that he told her that he was single. Then I talked to
my boyfriend and we decided to break up because he is a bad person for me now but he still wanted us to be friends but now I have a feeling that I made a mistake with that. And he is also in the military so I don't know if he did sleep with anyone else when we were together. Now I just don't know what to do because he is making it seem like he wants me to give him a second chance which I'm not sure about.
Recently my ex texted me and told me his mom died of a heart attack and I ended up messaging his ex girlfriend who he was childhood friends with with and the girl he cheated on me with and I told her about it and she said that he would have said something to her about it I feel like I should message his mom or his brother on facebook and see if it's true but everyone is telling me to leave it all. I hate it when people lie to me I just want the truth and no one will tell me the truth.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Is he a good friend (not boy friend, just "friend" ) ?

    • Yes we were friends in high school and then when he joined the army we lost contact and we reconnected as friends before we decided to date. He is a good friend.

    • Then there is no harm to have connection, but since you already had a negative experience, you can surely take care so that the army man does not cross the borderline.

What Girls Said 2

  • General rule of thumb, I don't stay friends with my exes. It sounds like he was a jerk in the relationship. He totally treated you badly. I'm sorry.

    • It's okay and the thing is I never did anything to him he just ended up doing it to himself. Now I just want him to go back to Louisiana where he is stationed so I can start to take care of myself.

  • Don't stay friends with him. Not a good idea

    • I told him that I don't do friends with ex and all he told me was that we just have to act like adults about it.

    • So act like an adult - make your own decisions. Don't let him choose for you.

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