I miss someone I was seeing, would messaging them be wrong?

I was seeing this guy for a month we had the bf/gf label but it was more of a we are exclusively dating each other but not a couple if that makes sense. After a few weeks he kind of disappeared and after messaging him a couple of time to see what is going on he told me he wanted to stop seeing each other and that he liked me and I didn't do anything wrong he thought he could move into a new relationship 4 months after his 5 year relationship ended but he couldn't. He wanted to be alone and doesn't care for himself friends or family and he wants to figure out what he wants out of life before getting involved with people which I completely understand.

I wasn't really hurt when he told me this I was relieved I too have to figure out my life I was stuck between moving to my hometown or staying And college stuff. So him and I not being a thing made these easier for me.

however I did enjoy his company he was one of the funniest and goofiest people I ever met. He didn't care what other people thought of him and that's what I liked the most about him. I'm just a bit hurt. After he sent me the break up I sent my reply just to hear nothing back. He has a hat and DVD of mine and told me he could drop by sometime and give me it back so I'm going to be contacting him anyways for my things back we ended about a month ago I was just giving him space before contacting again for my stuff.

i wish we could at least be friends. we were only seeing each other for a month a transition into friendship is a lot easier that way than it would of been if we were together for longer than that but it's all up to him from the distance he put between us I doubt it's something he'd want.

i just miss talking to him. He's one of those people that I actually sat there and listened to and hung onto ever word he said. Would reaching out to him just to see how he's doing be wrong? Or should I only contact him when I'm ready to ask for my stuff back?
I miss someone I was seeing, would messaging them be wrong?
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