This boy I date told me he was single but I lurked around and found a photo of him and his (ex). I screenshot it should I Send it and confront him?

so me and this guy been dating for a month now and in the beginning this girl would follow all my social media accounts he told me it was his ex and that she was crazy and for me to block her on everything. But I didn't and she ended up blocking me but only to unblock me a week later. I asked him how long they been together he told me since highschool. Recently meaning today I was lurking and I saw where she posted a photo of him and her the caption read "me and my boyfriends 10 Christmas together". The photo didn't seem old it had a snapchat filter on it. Anyway I screenshot it and now I'm wondering if I should confront him with the photo? And if I should how should I do it. Cause either way I'm ending this because this isn't the first time this happen. I kinda wanna do it in a epic way.


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  • Best way is to just tell him the truth and move on


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