Do you think I should end contact? Am I dragging this out?

Kevin and I were friends for a while before we decided to date. We dated for 4 months until he kept being indecisive. He said I was a distraction with him and his walk with god. I said OK, left it at that. Even though I went to church with him and had bible study and encourage him to not engage in sex.

A month later, I still don’t speak to him. I have no reason to. I see him at work I say Hi and keep walking. He calls me back and says” I really like your hair, How you been. It was really nice to see you. I hope you have fun tonight.”

I always told him if we never work out I would never speak to you again. I just to don’t

Stay in touch with exs, Makes things messy.

3 weeks after that he called me and we talked for two hours. He said some things like “I really did like hanging out with you but you were a distraction from my walk with god. He asked me to face time I Said no I look like crap he said “I seen you naked so just get on” Then I told him how I don’t remember anything about us dating he said How? I cooked for you” As he was hanging up he said, “It was really nice speaking with you. Hit me up after work.”

I didn’t hit him up.


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  • Yeah, definitely end contact. I mean, I don't even know what the whole "walk with god" thing even means but I personally don't like being around religious nuts. A good portion of the customer service people that i manage are very religious and they're just aggravating to be around.


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