Where you more likely to meet someone - daily life or at bar on weekends?

though this be an interesting poll , where you think you'd have a better chance of meeting someone - when just focusing on these 2 choices

- during your daily life , which includes like school , job , where you live , those kinds of things

- or on weekends at say bars/ nightclubs , special events type things

where you more likely to meet another single

  • During daily routine/life
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  • At a bar during friday/Saturday night
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  • If you're looking for someone to actually have a relationship with you'd most likely find that person in your daily life. If you're looking to find someone to have a one night stand with or a friends with benefits situation, look at the bar.

  • I would be most likely to meet someone in my daily life. I don't go to clubs/bars, and look for guys either.


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