Can someone please enlighten me why he doesn't want to work this out?

Nov 14-dec 8 we were talking 24/7 around the clock. Exchanging pictures, promising me forever, telling me that he's in this wholeheartedly and even talked about marriage etc. He was in England, I'm in US. Then he finally booked the flight to see me dec 8-19. Yes it happened fast. The whole time he was here, it was sooooo amazing.

Finally he leaves and then tells me that he doesn't wanna work out this LDR. He got attached to me and towards the last days of his stay it reminded him of his last relationship and how difficult it was. More excuses left and right that he's at a dark place and dealing with depression. However, he wants to remain in contact with me because I'm an amazing person and if we don't end up together, to at least remain as friends but ideally it's not what he wants. Wtf?

I couldn't handle the pain and the rejection, I told him it's best we just not even talk. He said he respects it and understands and wishes me the best.

Anyone else thinks he played with my emotions? Why come here in the US, he knew this was going to be an LDR? But then he tells me he got attached, if so, then why not work this out if he really wants me like what he said he did when coming here? Is it really the LDR? Or are these excuses as a way out he just played with my emotions and then bounced

I'm going crazy. Help!

Can someone please enlighten me why he doesn't want to work this out?Can someone please enlighten me why he doesn't want to work this out?


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  • I strongly don't think he's playing you. I think he is a bit of a mess though and that combined with the LDR is a lot to deal with if you guys continued to try. In my experience if someone tells you something about them selves and they make it clear that it's a very serious issue, in this case his depression, then it's ALWAYS!! best to take that VERY seriously. in my opinion there is a good chance "dark place" and "depression" means severe depression issues, maybe even shit like Bi Polar or what ever...

    • Someone said otherwise and I don't know what to believe! 😩😩😩 it scares me to think that he just used me..

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    • And that's the frustration!!!

    • yeah it sucks..

  • Step. Ack from this guy. He's playing you.

    • *Step back..

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    • I understand. He shouldn't have came here then and tell me that he wanted to work this out!! Now I'm left in denial and having hard time accepting. I wish I knew the real truth...

    • The real truth is that you are here, alive and in control of your destiny while on earth. Move forward in life and keep you body and mind busy with productive pursuits. Trying to figure out someone else's pursuits are not productive. move forward in life. You never know what exciting and wonderful things lie just around the corner.

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