My girlfriend hardly meets me. Also she talks about my appearance a lot as well e. g she said to me you wearing old fashion clothes. I don't like it?

Hey everyone I need help to break up with my girlfriend or not. If anyone could give me advice that would be awesome thanks guys!!. I have been together with my girlfriend for five months now. She hardly meets me. Sometimes we meet after a month, and sometimes in about 3weeks. Im so disappointed about her loyalty. I'm Suffering of this I love her so much. Also she doesn't like the way I dress. She told me yesterday that you wearing old fashion clothes which people used to wear about 10years ago😂😂 I'm so embarrassed when she said that to me. I just couldn't believe it. Because I love her so much and she's speaking to me like that. I said to her I hope to marry you one day. She says I'm not allowed to marry you, I said why she said my parents won't let me to marry you. They wants me to marry someone from my country. I thought in my heart what's the point I'm going out with this girl. Because I don't see future with her. I want to be honest she does texts me but hardly meeting me. I don't know why she's meeting me after very long time. I just didn't get it. Also when she comes to my house she hardly spend time with me she stays for about couple of hours and then after that she saying I must go to my home because my parents will worry about me. And she's not telling her parents about us. She said if I do tell them you will definitely lose me forever.
She's just making excuses. Please give me best advice what can I do should I end it or not. I'm thinking if I don't end it this will make me crazy.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi Sweetheart:-)
    You deserv so much better than that.
    I think you would become more happy when you have moved on from her.
    I know it's verry hard but you will meet a girl that will be crazy about you one day:-)
    Who will love you just the way you are..
    I really think you should break up with this girl and move on to something much better in life:-)
    Good luck sweetheart:-)


Most Helpful Guy

  • she likes you, just follow the way she wants it, there is truth in what she tells you. Not mentioning the relationship to her parent, she is protective, not wasting so much time in your house, she respects her parents also. You need to dress well to make your girl happy. A person that loves you will always correct you. Don't dress the wordly way, but be corporate. Be grateful for the people in your life. It is not easy to build a relationship. she is a nice girl.

    • Akanetuk thanks for helping me mate!
      Okay I agree about the parents situation. But I don't agree about the dress because I actually always dress smart. She doesn't like my clothes. I said to her come with me to the shop please and help me to get some clothes the one you like and I will wear them clothes. So we made plan and she didn't came on that day with me. Again we made plan she changed her mind she said I'm busy. This week on Sunday 25/12/16, which was Christmas Day I said to her come to my house for abit it would be nice to see you. She said I'm spending time with my family I've made plans and stuff like that. I said okay that's fine. So again on Tuesday I asked her I want to see you she said my sister wants to come with me and I don't want to bring her with me because we need some space, so she changed subject. I'm the one whos always asking her to meet me. Now I can't ask her to meet me because I know she will reject me. I feel like she doesn't care about our relationship.

    • you sound desperate. Desperation kills relationship fast. Most times you need to pull out and pretend that nothing is going on, this period allows for emotional thoughts and desire. Even when she says no, be happy, you can even pretend to be happy. If she recognizes your sadness because of her rejection, it also a turn off. Stay strong and positive, that is how to be at the top of the game.

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  • If she can't accept you for the real person you are, then she can go be single if she's gonna act like that


What Guys Said 2

  • She doesn't care about you, breakup before you get even more invested with her. Sorry buddy.

  • Breaking up


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