He would only get back together for the sex?

I want to get back together with my ex. We went out for almost a year, but I cheated on him twice, and my confession is what ended the relationship. I know I made the biggest mistake in my life, but I want him back. I love him more then life itself. And I tried talking to him about it today, but he said he couldn't get back with me because the only reason he would get back with me would be for the sex, and he can't lead me on. After hearing this, I still want to get back with him. I feel like that's fair since I cheated on him. Please help me. How do I get him back? Should I agree to a no strings attached agreement just to see him?


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  • No! Don't settle. Basically you're considering giving into his lustful desires and ignoring the love you have for him, that's disrespecting yourself. You will get hurt sleeping with him because all you'll be doing is sleeping with him. You love him and you want more, and if you settled you would set yourself up for more heartbreak. He is being honest with you and letting you know what he wants. But what he wants obviously isn't equal to what you want. Don't do it.


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  • You state you love him more than life itself, but not enough to have been faithful. Sounds like you lost a good guy since he is not willing to lead you on. If he's willing to get into a NSA relationship with you, do it, maybe in time he will be able to forgive you and move past your infidelity.


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  • I don't think you are ready for committment. I think you really need to work on you. You have to be whole before you can really love someone else. You don't want to get back together to be his booty call--it'll make you feel like sh*t, trust me. Take some time for yourself, really take the time to think and figure some things out about what you want and need. Figure out about what it is that you want and need and you will then understand why you were unfaithful. Then you will be in a better place to start a relationship. But let this one go, girl. Good luck :)


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