Sad that my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me over the phone. Help me?

He strung me along for a few weeks and was like im not sure then I can't do this then he did want to be will me. (lather, rinse, repeat over and over again)

He ended it on the phone twice and I stupidly begged for him back after the first time.

It really hurts what he did and I feel like an idiot now.

Help me feel better? It sucks that he didn't talk to me in person and I've lost my best friend. he was my first everything


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  • That's rough he did it that way. I know break up's are tough especially if he was your first everything because you will be left asking yourself if you will ever feel the same way again. Please do not try to get back with him as it sounds like he does not value you at all if he broke up with you by phone. Try to get out maybe with friends as often as you can it will be rough but your happiness level will be obvious to a lot of people and some guys out there use that to take advantage of women.

    • do you think I will feel the same again? what I don't get is why im so bad that he didn't value me at all to do it by phone. i'm starting to wonder if he took advantage of me in the first place cos I was in a really bad place when I met him first

    • Yes. Not today or tomorrow. It's not something that will happen quickly. I was in a similar situation and spent an entire year beating myself up thinking I would never have someone that I loved that much again. Is it possible that he may have been seeing or talking to other women behind your back? It is very possible that he did.

    • a couple of people have said to me that he might have been. that's even worse thought isn't it! like I wasn't good enough so he went and cheated and couldn't even have the balls to tell me to my face

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  • I can understand how it feels. You're jus disrespecting yourself when you begging to him. It seems next to impossible but only you can help yourself no one else. Jus stop thinking about him and your past. It's something like jus coz he dumped you, doesn't mean you're bad or not a good person. Its jus he wasn't the right one for you. Jus go out talk to your friends. Do something that can keep you busy. Life must go on. Its not the end of the world. I know its really hard but it will pass. Read some nice books or watch youtube videos.

    • I know I wish I hadn't begged but I literally felt like I couldn't cope without him. its hard to stop thinking about him. like im okay at work but the second im at home alone I go over stuff in my head or first thing when I wake up.
      it just hurts that he could love me but still do that to me.
      thank you it does make me feel like its all my fault but im not a bad person. thanks

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    • I know. the pain will be there forever until someone comes and heal with love. Don't think what it supposed to be. Jus look forward for a bright happy future. 😊

    • thank you! can't even imagine how I will meet someone but hopefully I will

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  • I do know how you feel, however you need to calmdown and drink some cold water.
    1. Start doing some exercises
    2. Find new friends (I knew it won't be easy)
    3. Stop any communication with him, ignore him all the way.
    4. Apply the no contact rule for a month or two and see if he is looking for you.

    • thanks. I've stopped talking to him two months ago. the problem is I had no choice to cos I kept contacting him and he just ignored me so I ended up locking myself out of my own fb and deleting his number so I physically couldn't contact him. I don't think he will ever try to contact me bc if he was going to he would have my now. me texting him pushed him so far away he's never coming back. :(
      i'm going to start running I've just gotta find the motivation to do it
      I wish I had more friends! if I did this wouldn't be so hard

  • Most of us on here who are in their early 20s and beyond have been in your spot before.

    It gets better, and time will heal it.

    • its been two months and I still can't stop thinking about him even though he was bad to me. he made it feel like it was my fault. ugh it hurts when he was my first that its ended so badly. I always thought we would at least be friends

  • That's really lame.

    • I know :(

    • That he broke up over the phone..

    • rubbish isn't it. he didn't even respect me enough to talk to my face. in fact I rang him up to see if he was okay with me and he spoke to me for an hour and just said he couldn't do it anymore after telling me how much he loves me. he told me he did me a favour dropping my stuff at my house.

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