Did the no contact rule... he did not reply yesterday, but before no contact he said he missed me sent me 6 texts begging to be friends?

So my ex behaved quite poorly, and as a result we broke up. (Technically I called a break, he decided to say I love you but I'm not in love with you ) he is extremely depressed and drinking a lot. My guy friend says he probably sees himself as the victim because he's ashamed of what he's done and this is easier for him but I can't even figure out if he is okay or not. Before no contact he even wanted to drive an hour to my house to give my stuff to me but I said no. What's going on?
He also sent me 6 texts before no contact upset I didn't want to be friends at that time, but now it's radio silence.


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  • "No contact" is a mind game. Don't play mind games...

    • for me it wasn't a mind game. i had no intentions getting my ex back. i was a wreck and it would of been an emotional toilet for both of us, and he'd taken to the bottle. don't assume stuff sir.

    • Well, you said you "did the no contact rule", as if it was a plan you had. I assumed things based on what you wrote, not on the crucial details you left out of your question and only mentioned afterwards...

    • I was busy over thinking it and stressing myself out at the thought of him with his selfish friends who know he was almost an alcoholic drinking with him. I did nothing wrong, he self destructed and that's how we broke up but I worry for him a lot. I have no intentions of getting back together. I care for him and I am acutely aware I was his soul support system.

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