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A year ago (I think), I found some WhatsApp messages on my dad's phone directed to a woman, they were talking very friendly and those kinds of things. I confronted my dad that night and he told me that he didn't do it, that someone from his office was using his phone, I don't even how I believed him (I guess that I just didn't wanted to accept the truth); days later he downloads a super extreme block for all of his apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. I found it odd, but didn't cared.

Now, I was buying a case for him on his phone and a WhatsApp message showed up, I hit it by accident, it was a conversation with a married woman with kids. They were both acting like boyfriend and girlfriend, saying I love you to each other, saying that they wanted to have sex with each other, I even saw an arrangement of a meeting to have sex that they had today (He called me informing me that he was going to my grandmother's house to check it. Nobody's staying there right now.). She even mentioned her kids and her husband. It's like they don't care about anyone else but them.

I don't know what to do; I wanted to confront him. But it hurts me a lot accepting the fact that the man who married my mom 20 years ago might have been lying for who knows how long...

My mom doesn't deserves this. I don't deserve this.


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  • Tell your mom but spare her the information about finding it a year ago, she needs to know what's going on but she doesn't need her world shattered any more than it will be
    Break the news as gently as possible

    • How can I be gentle about something like that?

    • That's a really good question, you can't. All you can really do is be there for her.
      Just don't be do abrasive or brash, be quiet and don't come off angry, try to keep calm

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  • Tell you mom and stop that shit!


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  • Tell your mom to talk to your dad. Tell your mom to remind the good memories,. Great memories they've had, component him by your mom and act calm about it..

  • Tell your mom first and comfort her. When he comes home just tell him you know about everything and well let them sort it all out. Your mom deserves to know the truth:/

    • How can I tell her? What should I say?

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  • That is just devastating I don't know how your dealing with this.

    But realise you've done nothing wrong at all. He has. He put you in this situation that you now have to deal with.

    You should have tried to screen shot the messages as proof so he can't deny this shit, like he will.

    What he is doing has been doing and is planning to do is just wrong and fucked up.

    Why bother confronting him again all he will do is lie and destroy the evidence.

    You need to tell your mum 100000% she deserves to know she does not need this in her life.

    It's going to be so hard but it's the right thing to do.


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