Do I tell him about it or let it go?

Last night my boyfriend went to the club with his friends. When I woke up this morning he had left me three voice mail messages on ACCIDENT. I listened to the first one and I heard my boyfriend say something like "Shes going to be mad. She is so compressed" I don't know who he was talking about but I assumed it was me. I listened to the second message and I think I hard him say "No black girls are going to talk to us because were not at a black club" I'm pretty sure it was him that said that. I know his voice too well. I wasn't going to be upset about it. I was just going to let it slide but I keep thinking about what they could of done last night and I'm a little curious. A part of me tells me that he left me those messages on purpose just so I can hear what's going on, so that's mainly the reason why I was not going to get mad because I don't want him to know it go to me but should I confront him or let it go and if it happens again, then tell him about it?


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  • Speak up for yourself and call him out on it; just remember not to over-react and allow it to bother you:

    - John, last night when you left me those voicemails, you mentioned "she is so compressed" what did you mean by that? -Then let him respond- Okay thanks, and also why were you at a black club last night worrying about people talking to you? Is there anything you need to tell me?

    It's my presumption that he was just wanting to avoid the dance club that his friend (or you) invited him to because he didn't know anyone there; but when it comes to the whole "she's so compressed" thing... I have no clue what he means.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I heard him say " the club was cool but it was races. No black girls are going to talk to us if were at a mexican club" So should I let that slide or what?

    • Talk to him about it :)

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