Why don't some dudes appreciate a woman that will actually love them?

I had an awful breakup with my ex about 6 months ago. My parents warned me not to mess with him. But I didn't listen he played me and made me look like a fool. Since i came back i tried not coming back to that job because my ex was still there. But no job was willing to work with me. First time he saw me he avoided me and second time he actually spoke to me. I told him I'm not supposed to be talking to him. I had to repeat myself three times and he eventually said alright. But he came over to where I was working and tried to speak to me again but i ignored him. My parents told me to stay away from him.


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  • what does your title have to do with your post?

    not everyone wants to be loved and for those who do they dont necessarily want to be loved by the person who is going them. but i do think the effort should be respected even if not received.

  • Because that's how they grew up to be because they weren't taught how to love a woman. They learned that mess through porn, their peers, the internet, etc. No real man to teach them to honor and respect women. Or teach values that will get him far in life. And if they strayed from that path, it was done by their own volition.

    It was just wise to listen to what your parents had to say. If they was able to spot this so early in the relationship then they are wise parents. Next time, listen. But do warn your ex that if he doesn't stop talking to you then you will report him. And mean it.


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