Can his feelings come back?

A guy who used to seriously like a girl for 5 months, stopped. It has been 5 more months since he stopped (so a total of 10 months has gone by since they've known each other). In the 5 months that he liked her, the two got very close. If the girl keeps hanging around him like she did in the beginning, is there a chance that his feelings will come back?


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  • I definitely agree with both soslin711 and ArtistBboy. They will come back but act like you aren't even wanting him back. Just have fun, be you, what more can you ask for? He will see that he is missing out on the good opurtunity and will wish he was back into your life besides being a 'friend'. I am kind of going threw the same thing right now, and it should pay off. If it doesn't, then oh well. Don't put all your energy into him and do things you want to do FOR yourself. There are plenty of other guys out there for you. I wish you the best of luck!


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  • Yes; especially if she avoids talking about feelings but insists on having fun, interesting, and genuine times with this "guy"

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Yeah but don't act like you guys are still together. Just act like you're over him and could care less and you're just there to have fun. It'll show him that you're independent and don't need him and he'll be attracted to that and want to spend more time with you.


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