Why does my ex boyfriend act like this?

We have broken up a month now and both of us are to blame, he texted mi an emoji a couple days ago then I thought he texted me by mistake so I didn't reply so quickly then I text bk Hi and he said merry Christmas I said it back to him then I told him that I had some personal issues which caused us to be separated and I couldn't do it without him after that he stopped texting me. I'm so confused I still love him and I always will it's has being 2 years I don't know what to do?


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  • Your confused cause your not doing what it takes to see it through. You need to focus on you. So far your trying get with him and friends zone him until you get right. No! You don't do that. Either straighten yourself out and get back later or keep running back to him and try to figure him out. Which clearly ain't working.


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