Guys, what goes through your head when you cry in front of someone?

Like say your mom or your girl or your best friend or brother or sister


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  • Family - *What I'm crying about* + *Trying to hide my face cause I don't wanna talk about it

    Girlfriend - *Wow I trust this girl a lot* + Talking about what I'm crying about + Trying to toughen up

    Best friend - *Fuck I can't believe I trusted ___* + Being mad/upset/disgusted/happy + trying to laugh with my best friend.


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  • I'm probably pretty darn focused on whatever it is that is making me cry. Not much else is has run through my mind the few times I've cried in front of others. I really don't focus on what others think of that kind of thing; humans cry, it's an emotional release that is both, beneficial, and at times unavoidable. If someone can't understand that or would judge someone for that, they can kindly go fuc* themselves.

    • -is** o.o

    • Only if every guy thought that way!!

    • Ycs-4 Different strokes for different folks. I've always held the belief it takes a stronger man to disregard what others think or expect of him, and do what is right for himself and others, regardless of social norms or other such 'rules' It's a bit ridiculous and sad to me that many people deny themselves what they need in order to appear to be what they think others want them to be.

  • It doesn't happen often, but when it does I try my best to make sure my expression of grief happens in private. Getting it all out once a year or so is actually pretty helpful.

  • holy cow I must look horrible lol I should probably stop crying. I wish I could stop crying. should I leave(if its possible). hide my face. I don't want them to see me or hear me. gotta get control of myself. I hope they don't remember this moment of my weakness... is that what ur looking for?


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  • well I'm not a guy but if I were one and crying in front of someone I would I'm gay..then stop


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