I need advice on what to do as I'm worried about my ex?

Ok long story short. My ex was a massive dick again. I've tried n tried n tried to make things work. But they just dont. And I finally give up. I cannot take the constant loveless demeaning relationship he provides.

note this didn't come easy at all. I'm fucking gutted. But for my own health and sanity I had to leave.

bad thing is we were on holidays in another state for Christmas and New Years and he hurt me so much I couldn't stand being there anymore I had to get a flight home and left him there alone.

he begged pleaded for me to stay but this was only an hour before my booked flight, but I couldn't stay. Not this time, not again. I had to be strong and go.

but I'm so worried him being all alone now with no one to be withcintact speak to. I think he will be pretty devestated and depressed. Especially on NYE etc.

i really shouldn't contact him I need to move on and him to. He needs to know I'm serious. But what if he does something stupid because of depression.

i feel so awful and worried I don't know what to do. Friends are just saying leave it he'll be fine. But what if he isn't?

what would you do?


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  • It sounds like you are looking for a reason to stay involved with him because you aren't ready to let go.

    • If that were the case would I have left an amazing holiday I paid 3k for to pay an extra 1k just to get home and be all alone and miserable myself?

      I had to leave. I can't keep letting him think I'm weak and I accept his behaviour and I'll just take his sorry again. It is not ok. He does not change and will never if I just keep accepting it.

      I love the guy to death. I wanted to marry him, have his babies. But I do not like him anymore and you can't love without like. I was so empty.

      But he does suffer from depression especially when isolated so I am so genuinely worried about him. Because I care about him as a human being as I'm a extremely caring person despite what others do to me.

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  • He's a big boy, he'll be fine. He has to take responsibilities for his actions


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  • give urself some time n think with ur head not ur heart, do what is logical! if he is a bum then u need to understand that u deserve better than that dickhead!

  • "But what if he isn't?"

    Then he will have reaped as he sowed.

    "what would you do?"

    I'd do as you have done but worry a lot less about it. The key word in your second sentence is "again". Presumably he has in the past been given the chance to reform his behaviour but did not avail himself of the opportunity (?) So now he has to face the consequences of his actions, as all adults must.

    Be strong.


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