I don't know if it was my fault?

I'm just curious me and my boyfriend have recently broken up, I had a fight with my boyfriend because I hadn't seen him in two weeks and and he told me he was too busy but every free time he got he spend with friends and I got mad because he didn't invite me out with him to go see a gig? Was a being a pshyco to get mad and not drop it?


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  • No, it sounds reasonable to me. Obviously the longer term behaviour between you two might be a factor as well, but in those two weeks alone it sounds like your complaints were justified. If he was too busy for you then that should mean he was too busy to spend time with friends also.


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  • that can't be the only reason to break up as u can solve these kind of things by talking

    • Well that's the only reason I can think of. I also told him that I feel like when he messsges it sounds like he doesn't really care about how my day was and stuff. I didn't drop it though.

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    • I also told him I had something to tell him, do you think that might have made him run a bit scared

    • i don't think so

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  • I don't think it was your fault at all. You're supposed to spend time together and communicate in a relationship and it looks like your ex wasn't doing any of that or even trying to for that matter.

  • it isn't your fault. a relationship is a two-sided think, if he is too busy and can't save a free time to spend it with you.. he's an assholr


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