Should I reconnect with my ex for NYE?

So tomorrow night, my friend is throwing a nye bash and I really want to invite my ex. It's been a few months that we've been apart, and our break up wasn't on bad terms. I think I was getting better, until this past Wednesday, he and a friend went to my best friends house. I guess as soon as he arrived, he had a conversation with my bestie, telling her how depressed he was when we broke up, and that he wasn't seeing anyone. I know people don't change overnight, but I really feel like he's moving in a better direction and that we could work things out. However, he hasn't made any effort to contact me. So, is it worth inviting him? I miss him terribly.


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  • You have nothing to lose except maybe a no-thanks. It really is only worth it if you know you can put right the things that were wrong. If not, you might put both yourself and him through the heartache of parting a second time.

    • That's what I was thinking as well. The worst he could say is no, in which case is know we were entirely done. But things ended smoothly, and from what he told my friend the other night, I do feel he misses me as well. I think I will invite him though :) thank you for your opinion! I appreciate it

    • Thank you for MHO.

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  • Sure do it but DO NOT show him that you miss him. If you do then he'll be a typical dude and act like he hates you just to boost his ego. Show him you don't really care and that will make him come crawling back to you.

  • So you're being desperate?
    If you don't mind being desperate with no other options left, by all means go on and contact him.

    • No, not trying to be desperate. I've actually never spent nye with anyone, and don't mind being alone. I guess hearing about what he had to say the other night reminded me of how much I miss him. My friend happens to be throwing a party, and I thought it'd be a casual way to ask him to hang out.

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