Should I leave it or stand my ground?

we were talking for 5 months then ended things a month ago. I slept there the other day and hadn't heard from him, then I saw him yesterday and say hi and he said hi and walked away. I asked him to stay with me last night and he said no. I asked him this morning why he's such a d*** around me now and he didn't answer. should I let it be or send him another text later saying I'm not trying to make a big deal but I'm trying to be cool with you, but I'm not OK with me sleeping there then you walking away from me in person and I want to know why your acting like that because its NOT OK with me and its not OK that you want me when your drunk and want ass but when I ask you for it you turn me down... or what should I say? please help


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  • Save you'r self the drama and leave it, it's not worth it.


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