My ex who hurt me seems so much happier without me and it's only been 2 weeks?

We were together for a year but it was complicated. Despite everything we made so many memories together and we were like best friends. We were together nearly every day and night and although he eventually did some things to betray me we never really fought. He just complicated things later on, he lied and cheated but he loved me so he made it work. He cheated once and it never happened again but he still wasn't fully faithful and I guess I knew that but he has literally been in tears over leaving me because he did love me. We broke up and at first it was mutual but then he kind of cut me off because he liked another girl. She wasn't interested but I'm finding pictures of him at bars with his friends smiling so big and he seems like he's just loving life without me. He really ruined me and my outlook on love and it's not fair that I'm the one suffering and he's not? Maybe it's an act? I don't understand how he could just walk away and be happy after everything we've been through. And I'm not purposely looking to see these pictures we are friends with the same people and they popped up on my feed. I have him blocked on all social media to avoid this. I am just more angry that I'm suffering and he seems all fine and dandy with what he did to me.


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  • "He really ruined me." No, you ruined yourself by staying with a cheater and tolerating his abuse.

    Obviously, he was not happy with you. He may have said "I love you" but those are just words. He was miserable, blamed you, so he mistreated you.

    You misjudged him horribly and probably rushed in to the relationship too quickly. Take some responsibility for the position in which you have placed yourself, learn all the lessons that you can, and then move on!


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  • I've been in a similar situation. It hurts like hell but over time, as long as you stay away from him (no texting, talking to, social media stalking, etc.), it gets better. If he cheated on you, there's a good chance he'll do it to this girl too. Just forget about him and do things that make you happy. Eventually it won't bother you anymore.


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  • My sister with Down syndrome has more logic than you


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  • I'm going through similar, I'm really angry and hurting too. :(


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