Having a hard time with my break up. Is there hope? Or finding my soul mate. What's your story?

I am 27. Is there any successful love stories of meeting your soul mate after 27? How many failed relationships you had before meeting the one? And at what age did you meet him or her?


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  • Where'd you hear that bullshit. I've been with women that were 35 and had a better physique than most girls that are younger than me. And every love story starts by physical attraction, well most of them. So keep it up.

  • You need to find a guy soon because you are nearly thirty and past your prime for marriage and child bearing.

    • I dated a lot. I just dated all the wrong men. I always get screw over. 😢

  • Well... im 31 and im 0-9 so far. If it makes you feel better your a girl and your still pretty young, good luck stay positive.


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