Girl stopped playing mind games? Why?

Cliff notes
Dating. No games. 6 months.
Breakup. Lots of mind games. Lots of headaches. Lasted 3 months.
Reconciliation. We agreed to stay friends. She stopped the games. Last week. She now talks to me first always on the hallways.

Why did she stop the mind games. I think she was torturing me to kill my feelings for her. Any advice?
I ignored all her moves to diminish further drama. She was mad for 3 months, was brutal.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Wholly fuck mate break up with her😂

    • Well I guess you already broke up but if she's playing mind games you shouldn't even be friends, you said she was mad because you guys where separated but she was making advances? Sounds like a complicated "friendship". Friends are supposed to text each other and shit.

What Guys Said 1

  • doesn't sound like she's much of a catch to me.


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