Tale as old as time... can't get over my ex. Advice or suggestions?

It's been a year for God sakes. Yet I can't get over my ex. Everything reminds me of them. Everything I see or hear I feel them around. They come into my mind when I least expect it.

I can be at work or school concentrating and bam all of a sudden I think of them. I hate it, it's eating me up and I can't even date cause all I do is think of them. Please any advice or suggestions.


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  • It sucks dude.. I was cheated on when I was in the in the military. It hit me pretty hard just because it was unexpected. I immediately went no contact and told her she will never be a part of my life again.. told her she is now a stranger. I got depressed over it, but I started going above and beyond becoming more productive. I did a lot of volunteer work. I started participating in events on base. I started signing up for all the work parties (military term.. pretty much consist of cleaning shit with a group of other Marines)

    It was like I was going through the motions of being productive and bettering myself but felt depressed as fuck doing all of those things. It was like I felt as if it was pointless and I should just be depressed in my room. I put all that emotion to the side and said fuck it though.

    Eventually that positive productivity yielded something in return. Within that yielded return came new a founded confidence. I guess you could say that by going through those motions despite feeling like shit.. it reminded me that I have control over my life and my life doesn't have control over me.

    Oh and I started getting laid a lot too baha.. getting laid helps.. Don't let other people tell you that you can't do that after a breakup lmao. You're not marrying them.. you're fucking them to release endorphins and feel good. Sex is good after a breakup. They don't even have to have faces boyo.. for you.. they just need a cock and have abs.

    Then I started going to the gym more and got jacked as fuck baha. It's funny because I ran into her about a year ago at the local community college. I was with a hotter girl and had completely transformed my physique lol. She looked at me and immediately looked down lol. Apparently the dumb bitch never finished university and is dating some underachieving pothead. She got chubby af too.

    Meanwhile I got a girlfriend 10x better in every way now. Kicking ass at university and will be working as an engineer soon. My physique is at it's prime. My sex drive.. fuaack lmao. Life is good boyo.. Just don't be a pussy about this and turn into every other bitter pink anon on this website.


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  • How many ex's are you trying to get over?

    • Just one. She meant everything to me.

    • Have a hair tie or elastic band around your wrist and every time you think of her flick yourself with it

  • give it time

  • I'm sorry for you. How long were you together?

  • If you can take one thing from the comments, this always helps... Remember the bad things more than the good, pleeeeassee. Remember the bad parts. Think about why it didn't work and probably won't. Think about what you really deserve and what you really want deep down. Also, keep busy, pick up a new hobby, date casually or hang out with your girlfriends a lot. Try to get centered, figure out what you really want in life and for yourself, improve.. Maybe even vent a little and try to analyze what went wrong so you can try to learn something from it.

    It will take time before you finally stop picturing their face... Out of sight, out of mind. Try to train yourself to ignore it every time you get reminded, try to hold steady and ignore the reminders. Getting over it is tricky for everyone, so don't be so hard on yourself if it takes you some time.


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