Ex of two years unblocked me after cheating and banishing me from his life?

so the last thing my ex texted me was "get out of my life. get over me. I'm blocking you. i love her and not you" and then he blocked me, and I was positive that was the last id ever see of him... but then three months later, he unblocked me, and his name came up on my Facebook as a suggested friend. what do you think that meant, him unblocking me?


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  • I don't think it means anything tbh. He probably just isn't mad at you anymore.

    • but isn't it easier to keep me blocked then?

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    • should I reach out to him?

    • No I don't think you should. Move on, if he wanted to get in contact with you, then he would.

  • He just wanted to spy on youuuuu


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