Did I make a mistake?

Please don't be judgmental...
So I've been doing no contact with my ex for the past 6 weeks. We've been split up since late October. I made it through the holidays without any peep to him. But then again he's been quiet too. Yesterday i sent him a text wishing him and his son a happy new year. and the reason i did this was because a week ago, a friend of ours told me that he regrets breaking up with me and he feels like he let me down. So i sent him that text last night and no response. i wish i knew what was going on in his head.
Also, he isn't with anyone new (our friend asked if he had a new girlfriend and he said no, thar he wanted what he had) he spent new year with his son.


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  • Have patience. May be he is having an eho to respond back.


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  • if he is a good parent, he was focused on his son. stressing out over your message is minor. raising a kids really time consuming so let it go.


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