I want my ex boyfriend back but I'm scared?

When our relationship ended it was mostly my fault, because I was insecure and after we left I realized that but he was the one to make get through all of this even in his absence, I want him back but what if I'm not over this and the problem occurs again. He is an amazing guy and I don't want to hurt him again, what should I do?


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  • What did you do?

    • He wasn't taking to me for three weeks because I cancelled our plan because of circumstances and he didn't even care to ask why, so I thought what he did was ridiculous and I lef him because I thought that he deserved better and when I told him that he didn't even said anything.

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    • thanks for mho!

    • Your welcome

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  • Take some time apart and if you were meant to be things will fall back in place.


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