Preventing your man (or woman) from cheating?

I hate it when I see articles and things that talk about how to prevent your man (or woman) from cheating and the top thing is to be sexually active.

I think that is stupid. Sure, just don't STOP having sex but you shouldn't feel like you have to prevent your spouse or partner from walking away...

That is stupid,

"Oh he/she might stray and find someone else..."

Well that just means he/she doesn't love you.

At least break up if your sexually frustrated...

Is this immature to be thinking this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not at all, I think the same thing. The only proven method of how to prevent your partner from cheating, is to not date in the first place. That's the only known working method. :D You should market that idea and make millions of dollars like these retarded advice mag's that try to give out opinions that are formulated by wanna-be dating columnists.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I'd have to agree with you as well.

    I think the message that it is trying to get across is that you are not the only one in your relationship. Typically, guys want sex more often in a relationship than their female counterparts. As such, the advice isn't necessarily telling you to give in to all of his sexual demands, but to respect his wants/needs in regards to sexuality. You would hate it if a guy was only concerned with his own sexual satisfaction, and would most likely dump him. Likewise, you shouldn't treat your guy like that either. It's merely a matter of working things out.


What Girls Said 1

  • No it's not. I 100% agree on everything. You can't stop anyone from cheating because there is always that chance that they will. But articles saying have sex so they won't leave you is just ridiculous and stupid


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