His ex is my nightmare !!

well the problem is that my boyfriend talks a LOT about his ex, actually he does that too much and all the time. He talks about every detail in her personality and he tells me how she used to treat him and stuff like this. He uses her as an example for everything I say or do. He even tells me all the time that I look exactly like her "as if we were twins" ! and when I started complaining about this he told me that he's just wants me to know everything ! is it normal ?! what are these acts supposed to mean ? I'm afraid that he still longs to her ! please I need advice.


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  • yeah this is not good. have you told him that you find it uncomfortable?

    because its really not right that he KEEPS bringing her up. think about it rationally, does he really mention her all the time or are you exaggerating?

    if you're not exaggerating then I think you and he need a serious talk or even break up. him comparing her to you is NOT GOOD. he sounds like he is definitely not over her, and if that's true then your relationship can't really move forward

    (if you have time please answer my question, thanks)

    • Thx 4 ur advice I'll try 2 do my best 2 work it out (PS: I just answered ur question)

    • Thank you and I hope things works out :)

  • He's not over her and you're just a rebound


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